Mediflow® Waterbase Water Pillow

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Mediflow® Waterbase Water Pillow

No more tossing, turning or waking up in pain!!

The Mediflow Waterbase water pillow  has clinically been shown to improve quality of sleep and reduce neck pain. The waterbase design fits you perfectly. Correct firmness and cervical support in one proven pillow. The original fibre mediflow pillow uses a patented design to help you get a better night’s sleep. It won’t go flat after you use it and will maintain it’s shape for years.

The Water Pillow by Mediflow was ranked best of all pillows tested in a clinical study at Johns Hopkins University. In fact, in all 5 categories tested subjects in the study ranked Mediflow best. Categories tested were: how long subjects took to attain sleep, how few times they awoke at night, how long it took to regain sleep after awakening and overall perception of sleep quality. The final category was neck pain and here subjects ranked Mediflow best in reducing the intensity of neck pain. Your head rests on a soft, plump layer of hypoallergenic polyester fiber which is supported by a thin water base at the bottom of the pillow. The water base responds to your head movement automatically as you sleep to maintain proper support for your neck. The Water Pillow by Mediflow is the perfect pillow for all. Simply adjust the firmness of your pillow by adding the amount of water that provides the perfect level of support for you: soft, medium or firm. You can buy pillows for the entire family and they can all adjust them to their own perfect support level. Over 5 million people trust their sleep to Mediflow – try it today and you will see why.

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2 reviews for Mediflow® Waterbase Water Pillow

  1. Jack Farmer

    Best Night Sleep Ever!

  2. Ann Everett (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many, many pillows over the years and without a doubt the Medipillows have been the most comfort.I am so impressed that I bought another five for family members for Christmas.
    The customer service is first class and interstate delivery was fast.

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