Aquafoam™ Elite

Starting from $1749.00

The Aquafoam™ Elite range is an excellent alternative to a traditional timber-framed waterbed. It’s also a great entry point if you’re new to the waterbed market because despite the affordable price-tag there is no compromise on comfort or quality. The Aquafoam™ Elite features a foam base and sides for greater insulation and thermal comfort. It’s manufactured using quality Australian-made components and has fewer corner welds for improved strength and durability. The Aquafoam™ Elite features Clipper Origins vinyl, eloquent neutral damask casing, and a premium integrated machine-washable wool top.

All of our Aquafoam™ mattresses can come with a selection of base options including pine and ensemble bases with and without drawers.  Enquire about all of our different base options today!

No Pressure Points

Full Temperature Control

Available in All Standard Bed Sizes

Machine Washable Covers

2 Year Warranty

Fits Existing Bed Furniture

The Perfect Level of Firmness

“I like my mattress…”




Ultra Firm

Contrary to popular belief, waterbeds come in a range of firmness levels to guarantee you the perfect night’s sleep. Featuring state of the art components and patented design, our Aquafoam™ mattresses use the latest floatation technology eliminating 90 -95% of partner disturbance whilst still contouring 100% to your body! Visit us in-store or call our sleep specialists to find out which firmness is right for you.

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