What are the advantages of a waterbed?

Waterbeds offer a number of advantages for your health and comfort that traditional mattresses simply can’t provide. From better back and spine support, reduced pressure points, better hygiene and allergy benefits, Waterbeds are the simple solution.

Are Ultimate Waterbeds waveless?

Yes, our waterbed technology eliminates up to 99% of bed movement, meaning that there is less movement disturbance than traditional spring mattresses.

Do You Still Toss And Turn When Sleeping On A Waterbed?

During sleep, when blood circulation is restricted at a particular pressure point, the body automatically shifts to another position. Sleep research highlights that the body can toss and turn between 40 to 50 times in a night’s sleep, looking for that comfortable position. However, with waterbeds, pressure points are eliminated regardless of your sleep position. So, tossing and turning is significantly reduced allowing the body to recuperate during sleep.

Is sleeping on water bad for your health?

No. Sleeping on a waterbed has several health benefits as the body is contoured, and pressure points are eliminated. Consequently, this promotes better blood circulation, greater comfort and support, and ultimately a better night’s sleep.

Is sleeping on a waterbed cooler?

Yes, sleeping on a waterbed is cooler than a traditional mattress. While traditional mattresses use materials that trap heat, waterbeds are able to be temperature controlled, making it easier to fall asleep and reduce the need for air conditioning in summer.

Are waterbeds a healthier option?

Due to the elimination of pressure points, waterbeds offer several health benefits such as promoting blood circulation, providing back and spine support, reducing asthma and allergies, and allowing you to have a longer and better night’s sleep.

Can waterbeds leak?

Our Aquafoam™ mattresses are constructed from long-lasting, premium materials. As a result, with regular servicing and maintenance, our waterbeds can last on average between 6-8 years, often longer.

However, in the rare event that your waterbed is punctured, or develops a leak, our highly skilled and friendly technicians can repair and restore your waterbed. Additionally, we also sell take-home vinyl repair kits for quick and easy repairs.

Can you get seasick on a waterbed?

Due to the latest hydrotherapeutic wave reduction technology, we offer waterbed mattresses that are made to eliminate 99% of motion. Come try it for yourself in-store!

Will my waterbed lose its shape?

One of the major benefits of having a waterbed as opposed to a traditional mattress is that a waterbed will never sag or lose its shape. This is because the body’s weight is evenly distributed allowing the bed to keep its form for many years. Water can’t be worn out! Additionally, our waterbeds also use strong and durable materials and are built to withstand day to day wear and tear.

Can you use a waterbed on any bed frame?

Yes! Like standard mattresses, all of our Aquafoam™ waterbed mattresses can fit existing bedroom furniture. However, in some cases, additional support may be required to be added to your existing bed frame to support the weight.

We also sell a large selection of bedroom furniture that has been made and designed right here in South Australia, which we can deliver and ship Australia wide.

Do waterbeds require special bed sheets?

No, normal bedding fits all of our Aquafoam™ waterbed mattresses. We do recommend using “Deep Walled” fitted sheets which generally have a 40 – 50cm drop, which makes, making the bed a breeze!

Do I need to use special water to fill my water bed?

No, normal tap water is fine for filling the mattress. Remember to add a 12 or 24-month Aqua Fusion Waterbed Conditioner Treatment to your mattress every time it is drained and refilled. For best results, we also recommend the use of Aqua Fusion Bubble Reducer treatment to prevent bubbles and gases in the mattress.

How often do I need to change the water?

You never need to change the water in your Aquafoam® mattress, unless you decide to move house or need to empty the bed for another reason. Remember to add Aqua Fusion waterbed conditioning treatment to your mattress annually. This will prevent fungus build-up and keeps the inner wall of the vinyl soft and clean.

Do waterbeds come in different firmness levels?

Ultimate Waterbeds come in a variety of different firmness levels, which can be tailored to individual preferences. Due to the unique dual bladder system of Ultimate Waterbeds, your partner will also be less affected by movements. Chat to our sleep specialists, or visit us in-store today to find the perfect sleeping solution.

What waterbed sizes are available?

Our Aquafoam™ waterbed mattresses come in king, queen, double, king single and single and follow the “Australian Standard” bed sizes.

How do you maintain a waterbed?

Along with regular cleaning, to prolong the life of your waterbed, you must condition the water at least once a year. Here at Ultimate Waterbeds, we suggest using only approved water treatments such as Aqua Fusion 12-month waterbed conditioner, which can be purchased from our showroom or our technicians when your waterbed is being installed. This helps prevent fungus and bacterial growth and keeps the vinyl supple and soft.

If your waterbed is emptied for any reason, replace the waterbed conditioning treatment immediately upon filling.

How to clean my waterbed?

Simply take off the machine-washable woolen cover, put it in the wash, and wipe the mattress down to prevent the build-up of dead skin cells and dust.  Our beds should be cleaned with an approved Aqua Fusion vinyl cleaner that keeps your bed clean and the vinyl supple. This can be purchased from our showroom or one of our technicians on the road.

Do Ultimate Waterbeds come with warranties?

Yes, our warranties are as follows:

  • Aquafoam™ Elite – 2 Year Warranty
  • Aquafoam™ Aquapedic™ – 4 Year Warranty
  • Aquafoam™ Aquagel – 4 Year Warranty
  • Aquafoam™ Aquapaws Pet Waterbed – 12 Month Warranty
  • Chiroflow® Professional Water Pillow Range – 3 Year Warranty
Can I take my waterbed with me if I move houses?

Yes, moving houses with a waterbed has never been so easy! Our professional and experienced staff can drain out the water, carefully flatten and pack your mattress to be shipped and unpacked, then refilled with water at your new home. One of the main advantages of this is that you can also save on shipping costs since it will take less space.

What are the advantages of the heater?

All our Aquafoam™ waterbed mattresses come with the latest energy-efficient heaters, made in Germany, that offer several therapeutic benefits such as enhancing blood circulation and relaxing muscles. Heaters can be particularly beneficial for those who suffer from back problems, are recovering from a stroke, or are paralyzed.

Our heaters have a thermostat control, use very little power with low wattage, and are designed specifically for waterbeds. For more information about our heaters, contact the friendly team at Ultimate Waterbeds.

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