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With over 30 years of industry experience, Jamie and Philipp established Ultimate Waterbeds in hopes of becoming one of Australia’s leading bed stores Adelaide. Over time, both Jamie and Philipp have gained a wealth of knowledge; from understanding sleep patterns to addressing health concerns, they can help you find the perfect resolution to your restless nights. Unlike other bed stores Adelaide, customer service is at the forefront of our values. Whether you’re searching for a solution to your health concerns or you’re simply looking to get a better nights sleep, we will tailor a solution to you that will achieve your goals. Our waterbeds and mattresses are some of the most advanced on the market, made from the finest materials and components in the industry. With an extensive range of high-quality waterbeds and mattress to choose from, we guarantee to have the perfect bed for you.

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How Do We Differ To Other Bed Stores Adelaide?

As one of the leading bed stores Adelaide, we take pride in our unrivalled level of quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Australian Made, Owned & Operated – We are proud to be an Australian owned and operated company. All of our waterbed mattresses, upholstered headboards and storage bases are assembled in here South Australia by our dedicated team.
  • Australia’s Largest Waterbed Showroom – We are home to Australia’s largest waterbed bedding showroom, which is located right here in South Australia. Our showroom is open 7 days a week, however opening times may vary.
  • National Delivery Australia Wide – We provide personalised quotation and delivery services to customers all over Australia.
  • Australia’s Most Advanced Waterbeds – We are proud to call our Aquafoam™ mattress range the most advanced on the market. Made from industry-leading materials and high-quality components, you will never want to spend another night without your Aquafoam™ Waterbed Mattress.

Our 60 Night Satisfaction Guarantee

Unlike many other bed stores Adelaide, we are so confident in our products that we will offer you a 60-night satisfaction guarantee on your new bedding. This guarantee is only offered to South Australian customers who purchase their waterbed mattress in-store. To be eligible for this offer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must sleep in your Aquafoam™ mattress for a minimum of 30 nights from the date of delivery.
  • Proof of purchase must be presented at our bed stores Adelaide the time of the return claim
  • You must purchase an approved mattress protector from us, which must be used at all times during your guarantee period. This mattress protector must be on the same receipt as your waterbed mattress to be accepted.
  • If we believe that your Aquafoam™ mattress has been deliberately damaged or soiled in any way, you will be exempt from this guarantee.
If you’re tired of searching through endless bed stores Adelaide for the remedy to your restless nights, look no further than Ultimate Waterbeds. With a wide range of customisable options, we guarantee to have the perfect solution for you. Contact us on (08) 8258 3300 and speak to a sleep specialist today!
Just a Few Reasons Why You Should Not Spend Another Night

Without An Aquafoam™ Waterbed Mattress

Complete Body Support - No Pressure Points

Our Aquafoam™ mattresses eliminate all pressure points while you sleep, which means less tossing and turning, and a better night’s sleep.

Full Temperature Control

Our Aquafoam™ mattresses come with full temperature and self-regulating control so that you can enjoy a consistent temperature all night long.

Personalised Comfort Level & Firmness

Our Aquafoam™ mattresses come in a variety of firmness levels to suit all sleepers, and provide you with maximum comfort.

No Dust Mites & Allergens

Say goodbye to allergens and sleepless nights! Our Aquafoam™ mattresses are easy to clean which makes them impossible for dust mites to cling on to. Simply remove your machine washable waterbed cover and throw it in the wash.

Durability & Lifespan

All of our Aquafoam™ mattresses are made right here in Australia using only the highest quality materials and components. With regular service & maintenance our mattresses can last over a decade!

Fits Existing Bedroom Furniture

Our Aquafoam™ mattresses fit all existing bedroom furniture, so there is no need to replace that beloved headboard or bed frame. However we also offer a large selection of bedroom furniture, if your bedroom suite does need a refresh.

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