Beds Adelaide From the Leading Waterbed Specialists

Ultimate Waterbeds are the leading suppliers of high-quality beds Adelaide, with a range of solutions that are tailored to meet your specific sleep needs. Our patented designs come in varying levels of firmness to accommodate your posture, weight, and preference.

The mattresses within our range are manufactured by Aquafoam™, who have introduced patented designs that eliminate all pressure points while you sleep. This is achieved through naturally adapting to the contours of your body, relieving any discomfort.

Aquafoam™ mattresses don’t collect dust and mites like traditional mattresses, and the covers are machine washable for easy maintenance. We stock them in all standard bed sizes to fit in your existing bed frame, and every product is backed by a 2 or 4-year warranty for peace of mind. Aquafoam™ have a range of different styles with unique performance qualities to suit every style of sleeper!

Beds Adelaide

Mattresses in the Aquafoam™ Range

To accommodate the diverse needs of our customers, we have a selection of beds Adelaide that differ in price-range. The diversity helps you narrow down the option that fulfills your performance expectations without blowing over budget.

Elite: This option incorporates a foam base for effective insulation and thermal comfort. All products are manufactured with Australia-made components and have fewer corner welds for increased durability.

Aquapedic: As the trademark of the Aquafoam™ brand, our Aquapedic™ mattress is made from high-quality components and V-shaped corner seam welds. This style of weld eliminates the risk of stress fractures and improves the overall durability of the mattress.

Aquagel: What sets this option apart is the FusionGel Advanced Memory Foam, which adds an additional layer of support that has been deemed comparable to sleeping on a cloud.

Our in-store consultants will help you narrow down the right beds Adelaide for your body type.

Providing Addition Support to Make Maintenance Easy!

In addition to supplying the highest quality beds Adelaide, Ultimate Waterbeds provide the full scope of services and maintenance solutions to sustain their performance.

SERVICE: With a level of expertise that is unrivalled in the field, it’s often best to leave the work to the professionals for fast remediation. You can put your confidence in us to carry out a range of services including part replacements, mattress emptying, general repairs, and even simply relocating your mattress.

MAINTENANCE: Waterbeds do come with some responsibility, but the reward is worth it. Our consultants will provide you with a comprehensive run-through of everything you need to know to prolong the life of your mattress. This includes water conditioning, washing the mattress cover, removing air bubbles, and potentially adjusting your waterbed levels as your body changes or develops. All products used for the maintenance of your beds Adelaide can be bought in-store.

Book a consult with one of our experts, and work towards a tailored solution that is guaranteed to give you a better night’s sleep. We give you every opportunity to try our beds Adelaide before you buy, following a consultation to establish what your body requires! Call us on (08) 8258 3300 or email your enquiries through to
Just a Few Reasons Why You Should Not Spend Another Night

Without An Aquafoam™ Waterbed Mattress

Complete Body Support - No Pressure Points

Our Aquafoam™ mattresses eliminate all pressure points while you sleep, which means less tossing and turning, and a better night’s sleep.

Full Temperature Control

Our Aquafoam™ mattresses come with full temperature and self-regulating control so that you can enjoy a consistent temperature all night long.

Personalised Comfort Level & Firmness

Our Aquafoam™ mattresses come in a variety of firmness levels to suit all sleepers, and provide you with maximum comfort.

No Dust Mites & Allergens

Say goodbye to allergens and sleepless nights! Our Aquafoam™ mattresses are easy to clean which makes them impossible for dust mites to cling on to. Simply remove your machine washable waterbed cover and throw it in the wash.

Durability & Lifespan

All of our Aquafoam™ mattresses are made right here in Australia using only the highest quality materials and components. With regular service & maintenance our mattresses can last over a decade!

Fits Existing Bedroom Furniture

Our Aquafoam™ mattresses fit all existing bedroom furniture, so there is no need to replace that beloved headboard or bed frame. However we also offer a large selection of bedroom furniture, if your bedroom suite does need a refresh.

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