AQUAPAWS Pet Waterbed

Envelop your pet cat or dog in the warm weightlessness of our AQUAPAWS pet waterbed. Perfect for sick or elderly pets this uniquely effective bed helps reduce discomfort in several ways. Unrivaled in its support because the bed follows the contours of the body, the pressure is greatly minimized from critical areas like joints, sore muscles, and skin hot spots. The warmth from the optional energy-efficient heat pad, additionally helps muscles to relax and improve blood circulation which also aids in symptom relief.

Beneficial for dogs or cats with arthritis or rheumatism, injuries, skin problems, lupus, and also pregnant or nursing pets. The positive effects can also maintain and assist in preventing disease in healthy pets as improved quality of sleep can lead to a greater sense of well-being.

No Pressure Points

Machine Washable Covers

1 Year Warranty

Full Temperature Control (Optional)
Our Aquapaws Pet Waterbeds are available in the following sizes:

(450mm x 700mm)

(600mm x 900mm)

(750mm x 1100mm)

Extra Large
(900mm x 1300mm)
Available in two neutral coloured fabrics:



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