Carbon Heater® Climasensor Waterbed Moisture Detector

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Climasensor – hydro balance assistant – monitors moisture levels in your waterbed

Carbon Heater® Climasensor Waterbed Moisture Detector

Climasensor – for your waterbed. Monitors the climate conditions in your waterbed and gives acoustic warning signal of any moisture build-up – for enhanced safety and hygiene of your waterbed

Mattress tops that feel damp, mould stains and unpleasant smells are things you do not want in your bed. They negatively affect the pleasure of your bed and the beneficial effects of your sleep.The reason is usually a build-up of moisture over a long period of time, caused e.G. By:

Sweating: approx. ½ litre each night, and much more in case of illness
Temperature of water bed heater not set high enough
Insufficient or irregular airing over a long period of time
Wrong kind of bedding or insulating daytime bed cover that allows no air circulation
If the moisture rises to a critical level, the climasensor indicates this by emitting a sequence of acoustic beeps, thus helping you to take act in good time. The sensor cannot prevent moisture, but it can continuously monitor the climate in your bed.


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